I recently came across an article which focused on something called a “30-60-90 Day Plan”. I brought up the plan during conversation and I wasn’t surprised at how many seasoned leaders were either unaware of anything regarding the plan or have experience executing it and had no idea it was actually a thing.

The 30-60-90 day plan is simply a game plan that focuses on building a sustainable company culture and getting the results you need. This is especially helpful if you are a new leader joining an existing team or task with a building a team of your own.

What is the focus of the first 30 Days?

The first  30 days should be focused on the people and culture of the business. This is the time for new leaders to be actively engaged and begin to connect with as many of your new team members as possible. Simply put, this is your best chance to submerge yourself in all aspects of the company culture: mission, goals, values, and the strategic plans.

Finding out what the strengths of the people you are working with really are and how closely connected they are with the existing company culture will assist you with encouraging company culture and restoring your team’s faith in the direction in which the company is heading.

What do the next 30-60 days look like? 

The focus of the next 30 days need to be focused on building the brand of the company. The brand is more than what is shown to the public, it is built and supported by the company internally first. This happens by assuring  the daily operations of the company are properly uplifting and supporting not only the company but the clients as well.

The final 30 (60-90 Day period)

The last 30 days of the plan is the perfect time to focus on the profitable growth of the company. By month three, you should have a proper grasp on the how to market the company it’s growth, and revenue prospects. Finding new ways to positively impact customers, expand company size, and continue to build on the company culture.