On the condition you are attempting to support the assurance of your team or encourage initiative in employees, here’s a short guide to for organizing a rewarding team building activity that will transform your team into resilient unit.

Proper planning
Make sure you team building activities are planned thematically. Each session should build on the previous sessions and should include a progression in initiatives. The progression should include:

  • Individual challenges
  • Partner challenges
  • Small Group challenges
  • Full-team initiatives

Ice Breakers
When athletes are preparing for competitions it is necessary for them to warm up in preparation for the activities they will complete. This also goes for team building. Similar to a warm up, your team building activities should begin with an ice breaker. Ice breakers should be fairly simple and encourage an open mind and spirit in participants.

Community Agreements
Simply put, a community agreement is a set of rules that all participants must abide by during your team building activities. Although you want participants to enjoy themselves and have fun, you must also foster both an emotionally and physically safe environment.

Post Team Building Debrief
From various perspectives, post team building debriefs are as essential. One mistake that numerous team building leaders regularly confer is to concentrate only on the activities themselves and disregard any type of  question and answer session with their team at the end of the team building session.

Employees thoughts and feelings should be explored by asking them to:

  • Explain what they saw
  • Explain what they heard
  • Explain what they learned